Retro Fun with Playtechs Jackpot Bells at William Hill Casino

Despite the huge evolutions in terms of technology and concept that the world of slots has taken over recent years, there’s still a level of nostalgia for the old days and every now and again, a slot comes along that perfectly satiates that appetite for the vintage.That’s where Jackpot Bells comes in, a new slot from Playtech that is based on the classic fruit machine idea, with some tasty modern twists. Now available at William Hill, this slot is vital for anyone with a taste for old school gaming.

About the slot

A five reel, five payline slot, Jackpot Bells forgoes many of the bells (no pun intended) and whistles that normally come with a slot in the modern world, with little going on in the way of features.Instead what you get is a stunning looking slot game that brings to life the arcade fruit machines we all used to enjoy, and many of us still do in bars or betting shops around the world.This isn’t an old-fashioned slot though, it’s created with the care that Playtech are known for, meaning that it looks gorgeous.jackpotbells1


If you’re looking for epic free spins features and the like, then you’re best to go somewhere else, because you won’t find that here.Instead this is a simple concept, match symbols to win prizes. There is an expanding wild, the will expand to turn the entire reel it lands on wild, which can certainly help with winning combinations, and winning combinations appear to come in fairly frequently with this slot.In an online casino world where everyone is often chasing increasingly complex ideas, Playtech have gone back to the roots of slot games for Jackpot Bells, and it’s a treat to play!

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