Slot Bonus Features

One of the best things about online slots is that they typically offer a wide range of bonuses that you just won’t find in classic slot machines that are found in land-based casinos. Some do prefer classic slots for their simplicity, however many would choose video slots because of the large number of bonus features they have. Here’s a brief guide to some of the more common video slot bonuses you’ll come across.

Wild Symbols

A wild can substitute or completely replace any or all of the reel symbols to help you get more winning combinations. If you manage to create a winning combination using wilds, you could stand to have your original bet multiplied; get three or more wilds on an active pay line and you’ll stand to win a high value cash prize. Expanding wilds expand and cover the whole reel; the wild can effectively take over three symbols, creating very profitable winning combinations. Random wilds can be triggered completely at random, or by a certain symbol falling on a certain spot in the reel. Once this wild is triggered, you’ll get a number of wild symbols scattered throughout your screen, giving you more chances of getting winning combinations.

Scatter Symbols

There are three main types of scatter symbols. Normal scatter symbols will pay out regardless of where they happen to be on the reels. Most slots have scatter symbols that acts as multipliers: usually if you get two scatter symbols on the screen, this doubles your winnings; get three and your winnings are trebled, etc. On a lot of slots if you get three or more scatter symbols a bonus feature will be triggered. These bonus features usually give you a bonus game to play or a number of free spins.

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins bonus rounds are usually triggered when you get three or more scatters or when you get a bonus symbol. These bonus rounds give you a number of spins that you can use on the slot for free. The best thing about free spins is that even though you don’t pay, you still get to win. Therefore, you don’t take any risks with your money.

Collapsing Reels

Collapsing reels, also known as ‘cascading’ or ‘tumbling’ reels work like this: whenever you win, the winning symbol disappears from the reel and others collapse down on top of it from above. This feature can give you the chance to create more winning combinations, plus it doesn’t actually cost you a penny when these reels collapse.

Mobile Slot Features

Mobile slot games are coming up with more and more new bonus features. These bonus features are usually activated by getting certain symbols on certain parts of the reel. You’ll then be taken to a separate screen where there’s usually a mini game of some sort for you to play. These bonus games are very easy to play, they don’t take up too much time and they can add to your winnings.All of the bonus features mentioned here can be found on lots of online slots, though they may work differently from game to game.

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