Cookie Policy

When you visit a website you may be made aware that it uses Cookies. These small computer files download onto your computer and can remain there after you leave the website. The Cookie files gather data as you browse, which is then used by website developers to make improvements to the site.

Since data gathering and analysis is a business in its own right, websites will often use Cookies provided by third parties to keep track of who is using the site, and how. One of the most reliable and trusted providers of third party Cookies is Google Analytics, which follows the pages you click on, and how much time you spend on each. Armed with this data, websites are better able to develop their content to reflect the demands of their visitors.

How Cookies Are Used

Cookies provide a number of benefits to website owners. One key area is in relation to advertising. Knowing which methods of marketing are attracting the most customers is valuable information that can help a business apportion its advertising budget more wisely. An online casino, for example, may promote itself via a third party website. By using Cookies to track how customers arrive on its own page the online casino is able to assess the effectiveness of that promotional placing. It can then choose to enhance its effectiveness via a bonus or credit arrangement with the third party website to help ensure a continuing flow of interest.

Many websites offer the chance to subscribe to, or opt out of, regular updates or other forms of subscription. Cookies help these sites remember which visitors have ticked or not ticked the relevant boxes regarding such notifications.

Certain functions and website features may be unavailable to visitors who choose not to allow a site to deploy its Cookies. When visiting a website where Cookies are active it is normal to see notification of the presence and use of them, and a request for your consent to proceed on this understanding. Electing to disable or specifying that you do not accept Cookies can impact on how the website runs on your computer, and certain features may not work as intended.

Stopping Cookies

It is possible to stop or disable cookies by changing the settings of your browser. If you choose to do this it is important to be aware that your actions may impede the ease with which you can access and navigate websites. In some cases you may not even be able to open the Homepage, and in others you may find that website functionality is hindered.

It is natural to feel concerned about your browsing habits being tracked via Cookies, and how that information is being used or maybe passed around. In reality the role of Cookies is very simple – they gather information to allow site developers to modify the appearance and workings of a website to improve the browsing experience of the visitors who view it. Being greeted by name on a new website, or being presented with games at a casino that reflect your preferences are personal touches that are made possible via the use of Cookies.

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