Different Types Of Slot Games

Slots are one of the most popular types of games you will find at online casinos. There are quite a few types of slots available to play at online casinos and if you understand these different types, you’ll be able to find ones that suit your tastes.

Three Reel Slots

Three reel slots are one of the most popular types of slots because they’re very easy to play. They are designed to appeal to a broad range of players and they’re also known as ‘classic slots’ because they’re one of the more basic types of slots. These slots usually just give you a single play line with three reels, though sometimes you’ll find three reel slots that let you play more than one coin for every spin; those who play with the highest number of coins for each spin will be rewarded with a bigger jackpot. When playing these slots you’ll sometimes be given the option of having more than one pay line for every spin. Usually three reel slots give you the choice of three or five pay lines.

Online Video Slot

Video slots are exceptionally popular with players of all tastes. These slots usually have five reels and usually offer a large number of pay lines: some of them offer as few as five pay lines, whereas others can offer hundreds or even thousands of different pay lines for each spin you set off. People play video slots to trigger the bonus rounds, which are usually activated after 100 to 150 base spins. These bonus rounds can give the player large payouts, generous match bonuses or a set number of free spins.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive slots have a jackpot that is added to every time someone plays that slot. It’s quite common to find the same slot available at numerous casinos and if it’s a progressive slot, the jackpot will be added to from people playing at different casinos. This means that the jackpot is likely to go up quite fast, with the potential for the jackpot to be quite large by the time it’s won. Progressive jackpots keep on growing until they’re won; once they’ve been won, the jackpot value is reset and the jackpot keeps getting added to by players who play at the slot. Some progressive slots only allow you to win the progressive jackpot if you play the slot using the maximum bet valued spins or if you put all of the pay lines the slot has to offer into play. Others can be won completely at random; these are the most popular type of progressive slot because players never know when they might win and they don’t have to fulfil specific requirements to be eligible to win.

Classic Fruit Machines

Fruit machines usually have three reels and are designed to have regular bonus features. They therefore reward the player more often than other types of online slot. While they occasionally offer large payouts, they’re more about giving the player a much longer and more entertaining playing session than other slots. Online fruit machines are based on traditional fruit machines in pubs and clubs and because they’re low stake games, they won’t take all of your money straight away.

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