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Finding a new casino to play at can seem a little overwhelming. There are so many out there to choose from and since you’re likely to be parting with some hard earned cash you want to be confident that you’re picking the right one.

That’s where reviews come in. Casino reviews can be a valuable source of knowledge about which sites are reputable and great fun and which are best avoided. They also give you an insight into which sites offer the widest selection of games and the best promotions.

To get the most out of reading reviews you need to know how they are written and what to look out for.


Comparison websites

Just like almost any other product or service, casinos are often reviewed in comparison websites such as Play Cash Games. These are handy for having information on several sites all in one place, meaning you don’t need to search too much to find what you’re looking for. However, one thing to bear in mind is that some sites receive commission from casinos for good reviews. This means that you may only be told of the good parts of the site, rather than being offered a completely honest review or the pros and cons. Not all comparison websites do this but it’s worth checking more than one review of a site to make sure you have all the info you need – good and bad.


Player reviews

Some gaming enthusiasts will review casino sites so that other potential players gain the wisdom of their experience. These reviews tend to be unbiased and you’ll be presented with the good and bad points of each site. The added bonus of this type of review is that you’ll often be given an idea of how good customer service is and how the site is to play. Again, it’s best to check out more than one player review as you may stumble across one written by someone who is disgruntled due to a fault of their own rather than the site, such as not reading terms and conditions properly.


What to look for in a review

Firstly, as we’ve already touched on, some reviews are 100% positive. This means that either the site is truly incredible or the reviewer has, for one reason or another, left out some details that may be seen as criticism. If you come across a review that is generally upbeat about a site but throws in one or two things that could be better then it’s likely you’ve found an honest assessment of the site.

Next look for mention of the operator or software that the site employs. Any reviewer worth their salt will have picked up some knowledge of these and understand why they’re important. You may find that the reviewer recommends a sister site by the same operator or even warns you off using sites with this particular software. On the other hand it might be that the two merge seamlessly creating a great site to play on.

Most people want to get the most from their money and in that sense many casino players are interested in the promotions sites have to offer. Good reviewers know these inside out and are able to compare them to those offered by similar casinos. This means you’ll know whether or not you’re getting good value for money.

Once you have read a number of casino reviews you’ll learn to see what’s important and what can be ignored. Ideally you’re looking for a review that appears unbiased, fair and knowledgeable.