How To Play Online Slots

Online slots are very popular and with good reason. As well as being exciting and fun, there are a number of big prizes players can potentially win. But how do you play this popular online casino game? While you may immediately think playing slots is all about luck, you hit the button that says ‘spin’ and hope for the best, there is more to online slots than first meets the eye. If you are going to devote some of your time to playing this game, the more you know about it prior to pressing the spin button, the better.

Different slot games

It is important to realise that online slots comes in a number of variants. Certain games comprise of bonuses, others have progressive jackpots, some have multiple pay lines included, and so on.

Think about features

Before you start playing, you’ll need to take some time deciding which of the vast choice of slots have the features that ‘tick all your boxes’. A quality casino site will include game reviews, you can read about what features the different slots games include, such as free spins, wild cards, scatter symbols, multiple jackpots, progressive jackpots, and so on. Take the time to read this review to determine which slot game is the one for you.

Consider the pay table

You will then want to think about the pay table. By simply pressing on the pay table button, all the different symbols will appear. The pay table will inform you which of these symbols are scatter symbols, wild cards, bonus games – if there is one – and bonus round icons. It will also tell you how the slots game works and how to trigger it.Wild cards are an important feature of slots, they can change into a symbol you are desperate for to win. Ultimately, wild cards can help you win the grand prize – the jackpot!You will then need to select how many pay lines you are going to play with. The more pay lines, the more chance you have of matching the symbol combination and winning the game.

Progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot refers to a game in which the jackpot continues to rise until it is eventually won. In order to play a progressive jackpot, it is likely you will require all the possible pay lines as well as the maximum wager.


Placing your wager is the last thing you will need to do before you play slots. Using the coin bet features will determine the value of your coins, which ultimately determines the value you can wager on every pay line. Once you have determined the value of your wager per pay line, you are ready to hit that lucrative spin button and start playing online slots.As you may have gathered from this brief guide, there is more to playing online slots than first meets the eye. Now press spin, have fun and good luck!

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