Enter the Matrix launched by Playtech over the weekend

Whether you found yourself utterly confused and confounded, or you “got it” the first time around, nobody can deny that The Matrix was an immensely powerful film. Since The Matrix Revolutions (the final film) was released, the franchise has failed to go away. Whether in video games, long trench-coats or witty phrases in everyday use, The Matrix is still very much a part of everyday life. Now, it is set to become even more so, thanks to Playtech.Over the weekend, Playtech unveiled their newest slot machine, known as Enter the Matrix. There was also a video game with the same title unveiled over a decade ago, but we’ll skip past and overlook that little cock-up.

About the Slot

The new 5-reel, 50-line slot machine is based on the original 1999 film more than its two sequels, and features all your favourite characters, including Trinity, Morpheus, Neo, and of course, the dreaded program, Agent Smith.thematrix1

Bonus Features

Black cats appear as wilds in this slot, and can appear stacked on the fifth reel. When they do, a Déjà Vu Shuffle feature occurs, which can send a copied version of the wild reel to the first reel, giving players chance to bag big wins.The slot also contains a Nebuchadnezzar Free Games bonus, which offers Sentinel Wilds which can log onto the reels and turn other symbols into wilds over the course of your free spins.There are plenty of references to the game aside from the déjà vu black cats, sentinels and Morpheus’ ship, and lots of excitement to boot. Who would think that after 18 years, The Matrix is still causing a fuss? The new slot machine can be found in all good casinos which offer Playtech software from this week onwards.https://youtu.be/tbwnGFJBpAg

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