The Phantom of the Opera is Here Eventually!

It has been a weird year, at one point we thought there were two different Phantom of the Opera slots coming, only to then assume that there wouldn’t be any. Well, finally the confusion has come to an end, and we have got one.The reason everything was unclear for a while came started with an announcement from Microgaming in February, stating they had the rights to make a slot based on the Phantom of the Opera movie.After that, little more was said on the matter, and then, in July, NetEnt announced that they would be producing a slot based on the same concept and with the same title.Then, within days of its release, NetEnt pulled the Phantom of the Opera slot, Microgaming still hadn’t made any noise about theirs, and everything went quiet.But now, the Microgaming Phantom of the Opera slot has officially been announced, and will be landing at all your favourite Microgaming sites this November.

A rights confusion

The main point of contention, if there is one, between Microgaming and NetEnt, is that NetEnt own the rights to the Universal Monsters collection, which had a Phantom of the Opera film long before the Gerard Butler version that Microgaming’s slot is to be based on.Rumour has it that those who own the copyright to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that the newer film was based on, complained to Universal, who then pulled the NetEnt slot, for the time being at least.This will be fine for fans of the show, because the Microgaming slot looks great fun if you are, but there’s no denying that the NetEnt slot looked like it had more potential to be an excellent slot game, and only time will tell if that slot will ever come. 

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