Online Penny Slots

You don’t have to spend a fortune to be in with a chance of winning large sums of money when playing on video slots. Combining the likes of jackpots, free spins and features, all a player needs is some good luck and their pennies could be turned into pounds, and lots of them!

What penny slot games are available online?

Online slots are essentially split into two different types – video and traditional. Another potential type of slots games available online is video poker.

What are traditional games of penny slots?

Thee traditional games have been referred to as being similar to the 1940s’ mechanical slot machine. They basically have three different reels, as well as a virtual type of lever which players can pull in order to begin the game. What might sound like a pretty antiquated and ‘old school’ game of slots, these traditional penny games remain popular today. What’s more, some offer pretty hefty pay-outs! There are jackpots to be won and, if a player manages to get three sevens in a line, they may win an extremely lucrative top prize!

Penny slot video games

The majority of slots available are video slots. These types of games typically comprise of five reels and from 25 to 30 winning lines that can be displayed on the screen at numerous combinations and angles. Players are able to play penny slot video games for pennies on every line. If a player put a wild symbol in the correct spot, they can expect to win a pay-out. Though it’s the bonus rounds that really augment the appeal of these games as they typically involve giving players free spins and multipliers.

What are 3D penny slots?

3D penny slots are the newest generation of the evolution of slot games. As their names suggests, these games comprise of fabulous 3-dimensional graphics, as well as inspiring feature rounds. In fact, players are inclined to feel like they’re involved in an interactive video game instead of playing on a slots machine! 3D penny slots typically have five reels. Such is their popularity that these types of slots games are being developed for the mobile market so they can be accessed and enjoyed on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Advice on being in with a chance of getting the biggest pay-outs on penny slots

It is advised that players take a look at several of the pay tables on various slot machines prior to committing to play on one particular slots. You will then have knowledge about the typical player’s miss and whether the slot you are thinking about playing on or are already playing on has a greater amount of small pay-outs or whether it is more in tune to make larger pay-outs less frequently or even jackpots.With such knowledge on board, you will be in a much better position to make a more informed decision about which slots machine to opt for that’s suited to your specific purposes and requirements.

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