What are Casino VIP schemes?

The world of online casinos is extremely competitive. Not only do these sites want to reach out and attract new members but they also want to keep the ones they have already got. Consequently, online casinos operate numerous reward schemes to act as a way of keeping their members’ loyalty with their site by incentivising them and making it worth their while not to go elsewhere for their online casino games.VIP programs and schemes are a popular retention method, but how exactly do these VIP reward schemes work?Generally speaking, VIP programs involve players accumulating points. The more points they have, the greater their ‘VIP’ status will be. The points players are awarded as they play games on the site and hedge bets can be exchanged for bonuses, chips and even goods and services with retailers that might be collaborating with a casino site as a means of promoting their own goods and services.It is not uncommon for online casinos to offer a tiered VIP scheme program, whereby players get to move up the VIP hierarchy, depending on how many points they have collected. The higher the level they are at, the more exclusive and lucrative the rewards become. Tiered systems can be an effective way to keep players ‘hooked’, as they become determined to move up to the next level to get the better rewards.

High Roller programs

High roller schemes are typically a separate feature to VIP schemes. Such high roller programs are usually invitation only. They do not offer anything in terms of bonuses and extras. If the casino site you are a member of does not offer a high roller scheme and you believe you are of a high rolling category, it might be time to look elsewhere and move to a site that does have a high roller program in place.The incentives and rewards offered in such exclusive schemes are typically entries into tournaments, lucrative reload bonuses, sought-after promotions, and perhaps invitations to exclusive parties and events, such as a high profile up and coming sporting event. Casino sites appreciate that their high rolling customers are beneficial to keep and therefore understand that they need to be treated well and rewarded lucratively.

VIP schemes working alongside other bonus incentives

In the increasingly competitive environment of casino sites, bonus schemes are no longer sufficient fodder to retain players’ interest and loyalty. Hence why online casinos are constantly coming up with innovative and novel ways to entice players and maintain their interest by offering regular incentive deals such as specials and promotions.Many casinos offer reward incentives as well as VIP loyalty programs. Daily incentives may include rewards such as a player receiving double points or a reload bonus. VIP schemes take these bonuses and promotions one step further by offering even more lucrative rewards and incentives for players.If you are a genuine high status player that plays regularly and devotes a lot of time and money into the site, you should get rewarded for your loyalty. 

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