Choosing A Reputable Casino

With literally thousands of online casinos scattered across the World Wide Web, how on Earth do we choose a casino to put our money down and place our bets. Furthermore, the fact that online casinos offer lucrative deals, offers, bonuses and promotions, makes the task of selecting just one casino even more difficult.One of the biggest elements to consider when choosing an online casino is whether it is trustworthy and reputable, after all, the last thing any player wants, is to put their money into a casino that’s ‘dodgy’.So how can you tell whether a casino site is credible and reputable?


One of the first point of calls is to ensure that the site you are considering using is a legitimate and secure website. A quick way to do this is to look if the URL of the site is either https:// or http:// as a site that starts with https:// means it is SSL certificate encrypted, which effectively means it is safe.

What payment methods does the site accept?

Another way to check the ‘reputability’ of a site is to see what payment methods the site accepts. You will always want to make deposits and withdrawals to and from an online casino via a reputable payment provider, such as PayPal, MasterCard, Neteller, Visa, and other credible and respected e-wallet and voucher systems that are recognised around the world.If a site does not accept such reputable payment methods, it could be a sign something is amiss and you should steer clear of the site.

Is the online casino licensed and also regulated?

Another ‘reputability’ check is to see whether the casino is licensed. A credible and trustworthy site will be licensed and given a stamp of approval by a gambling regulatory body. Ensuring that the site in question is licensed and regulatory will give you peace of mind that it adheres to standards and laws regarded as fair to players and you will not be putting your money into a site that is unlikely to make pay-outs and provide unfair, unregulated games.

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