Random Number Generators

What are Random number generators? What are they used for? Can they help improve the whole online casino experience? If you’re unsure what the term random number generators refers to, take a look at our guide to this common feature of the world of online casinos.

What Are They?

Random number generators are essentially a system used by slot machines and online casinos to choose numbers every millisecond, randomly.They are utilised by casinos so that they can ensure everyone can enjoy fair games. Slot machines regularly use random number generators, as do many online games.The system is fairly straightforward. The random number generators are positioned like a chip inside a computer, into the inside of a slot machine. The random number generator then produces numbers randomly at every millisecond on the slots’ reels.The random number generators can select values of anything between nought and four billion. The value created by the random number generator is then placed into particular numbers, which relate to the symbols that are present on each reel of the machine. The symbol the machine eventually lands on, will depend on the numbers created by the random number generator. However, the number is not selected until a player places a coin inside the slot machine, or the spin button has been pressed.

So how does the random number generator select the numbers?

This is a relatively complex process. Basically, it is based on algorithms, which most ‘everyday’ people are unable to mathematically comprehend! Instead of understanding the algorithmic capabilities of the process, all slot machine and online players really need to be aware of is that random number generators are used to ensure games are kept fair.All random number generators are rigorously tested prior to being installed in machines to ensure the generator is working efficiently.

A popular random number generator misconception

The belief that random number generators operate in a cycle that is set, is widespread yet completely incorrect. Consequently, if you are hoping for a lucrative payout following a set number of spins, you’ll be grossly disappointed.If you are tempted by rogue ‘beat the random generator’ systems, then you’ll be virtually doing nothing but wasting your hard-earned money!It is important to remember that slot games are random, 100%. There are vast amounts of number combinations, which are possible. For instance, if a reel had a total of ten different stops on it, this would equate to 1,000 completely different possibilities of combinations in which a player could have. Just to put things into perspective, the chances of generating a combination, which comprises of three numbers, is one out of 1,000.

Keeping The game Fair

Random number generators have been utilised by online gaming companies for a number of years. The reason they are so commonly used is they help keep online gaming fair, which consequently results in players placing more trust in online casinos. Everybody wants and, what’s more, expects an equal chance of winning when playing casino games, thanks to random number generators we can enjoy fair online casino playing.  

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