Online Casino Complaints

Casino sites experience a huge amount of complaints made to the customer service teams. Whilst some are justified and legitimate, others are unjustified and unnecessary. If you do have a grievance against an online casino there is a complaints procedure that will need to be carried out.

Write It Down

Firstly, get the details of your complaint down on paper in a clear and concise way. You should ideally write down important information such as the deposit dates, the amount the deposit is worth, what went wrong and when. Instead of waffling, be concise, precise and detailed. You should attempt to include logs of gaming periods that are related to the complaint. Use any correspondence, whether it was by email, live chat or telephone calls to the customer service team, as references.

Submit Your Complaint

You should then submit the complaint to the online casino. If you do not believe your complaint has been answered and resolved sufficiently, a more formal complaint should be submitted. The evidence and information you have gathered about the complaint should be sent to the licensing authority that the site is licensed to.

If It Gets Rejected

If the claim or complaint is rejected by the authority have a good, long think about why it may have been rejected. If you still believe you have a solid case that should be re-looked at and could be legitimately won, the last attempt would be to call in a third party that could act as a mediator. Whilst some online casinos will not collaborate with third parties, some believe it is within their interest to collaborate because they may receive potentially damaging publicity if they don’t. You should also be aware that third parties do not have any legal substance or authority.

Contact Ombudsman

Legal action may be taken. However, this is likely to be expensive and you cannot guarantee you will win the case. Contacting the relevant Ombudsman might be a better solution as this might not cost you anything if you deal with the case personally. However, you should also be aware that representing yourself in a legal case requires hefty amounts of research, reading, time, preparation and often stress. It is usual for people representing themselves in legal cases to have to take time off work in order to carry out the necessary preparation work in order to be in with a chance of winning their case.

Check Your Facts

When battling to win a case against an online casino it is important to remain realistic. Gather as much solid information as you can, as the more details, facts and evidence you have to support your complaint, the greater chance you will have of the case working in your favour. It is imperative that you read the ‘small print’ of a casino site as attempting to put forward a complaint about something that is clearly written in the terms and conditions will not result in your complaint be taken seriously and you being given the compensation and apology you are looking for.

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