NextGen Soon to Release Wolfpack Pays

2016 has thus far been a year defined by popular new releases from a variety of different software providers. Not on to fade into the background, NextGen has announced that it will soon be releasing its newest slot game, Wolfpack Pays.With five-reels, 243 paylines, and a unique On A Roll™ feature, Wolfpack Pays is NextGen through and through, with stunning graphics and original gameplay.

How does it look?

The animations for Wolfpack Pays are not the most complex you will come across, but this aesthetic simplicity adds to the charm of the game.The symbols combine traditional images like card suits, with themed images such as wolves and eagles which all look great, and fit in within the general colour scheme and design theme of the slot perfectly.NextGen Soon to Release Wolfpack Pays


There’s a lot of good parts of the gameplay here, but the most tempting addition is the On A Roll™ feature, which gives you the chance to pick up some really big wins if you’re lucky.There is a counter made up of four wolves of different colours in the top right hand corner of the screen at all times, and with each consecutive win, one of these is lit. Once you’ve lit them all with four consecutive wins, you activate the On A Roll™ feature.More wilds are added to the reels and the wolves in the corner are replaced with three paw prints that represent lives, each time you do not win on a spin in the feature, you lose a life, meaning that a lot of winning can take place while this feature is active.A slot that looks lovely, and has fresh gameplay features, Wolfpack Pays looks to be another top class slot game for 2016.

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