Online Casino Strategy

For many centuries, casinos have been a popular form of entertainment. Some of the most successful casino players recognise the importance of embarking on strategies in order to improve their odds of winning the game. Whether these are ‘tried and tested’ strategies designed for a specific game, or more generic strategies for casinos in general, conducting some kind of tactics when you play online casino games can help you up your chances of being crowned a winner and enjoying a pay-out.

What is House Edge?

One of the most important elements of developing an online casino strategy is being familiar with the term House Edge. A house edge generally refers to the percentage edge that is taken by the casino every time a game is played. The percentage of house edge can vary fairly significantly from casino to casino. For instance, the smallest house edge begins at around 0.36 percent for certain Blackjack games and can stand at approximately 1 percent for some craps and baccarat games.It is therefore a worthwhile strategy for any player of online casino games to stick to playing the games that have lower house edges.It also makes a lot of sense to familiarise yourself with the rules of a particular game as going into the game ‘blind’ and not being familiar with how to play and what constitutes as a win, is not a good strategy for upping your chances of being crowned champion and taking home a nice windfall!

Don’t get wrapped up in betting systems

Just about any casino playing expert will warn you to stay away from betting systems. Such systems claim they have a mathematical formula which is ‘proven’ to beat the system and consequently make those who use it lots of money. The truth is there is no ‘winning formula’ and instead of wasting your time, money and effort with so-called money-spinning betting systems, take the time to read the rules of the game and build a more solid strategy based on learning the rules and processes.

Manage your own bankroll

Another good casino strategy to adapt would be to manage your bankroll. This would include calculating which stakes you are able to play with in specific bankroll sizes. For instance, you might want to begin by playing a £10 game but then move to getting 30 bets for a £5 game. It is not uncommon for players to take a percentage of their bankroll in full with them and only bank a portion of the winnings. Whatever bankroll strategy you decide to use; it is important you put it into place prior to when you begin hitting the slot machine reels or take your position at the poker table.

Exploit bonuses and promotions

Online casinos are extremely competitive and consequently offer hordes of promotions and bonuses to entice players and keep them loyal to their site. The savviest of players take advantage of such bonuses, which again is a good casino strategy to have.  

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