Slot Variance

Slot variance is something that affects how an online slot is played and how it pays out. Each slot has one of three different types of variance: low variance; medium variance and high variance. How your slot plays and pays out depends on what type of variance it has. If you know more about slot variance, you’ll be able to find slots that appeal more to your playing style

Low Variance

Low variance slots are slots that have been designed to have a long play time. These slots usually have jackpots that aren’t that big compared to others. When you’re playing one of these slots, you’ll notice that on your active pay lines you’ll get frequent low-value winning combinations. There’s very little risk involved in playing low variance slots and the amount of money they typically give out is a lot lower than other types of slots. It’s a good idea to go for low variance slots when using your casino bonus because getting regular winning combinations gives you more value for your money.

Medium Variance

Medium variance slots are the most common type of slot you will find at online casinos. The amount of money that you can win on medium variance slots does vary: some offer low amounts of money, while others offer very high amounts of money and some have extra bonus rounds that give you the chance to win even more money. However, there are still risks when it comes to playing this type of slot.

You still stand a chance of winning, whether it’s a low value prize or a high value prize. Because the values of the cash prizes do vary a lot with this type of slot, you won’t see as many low value prizes as you do on low variance slots; likewise there won’t be as many high value prizes as a typical high variance slot would offer. Medium variance slots are therefore best for players who want a bit of a risk but don’t want too much of a risk.

High Variance

High variance slots offer huge cash prizes and very low chances of winning. In other words, when you play at one of these slots, you have to risk a lot of money for a chance to win. You’ll often see that the payouts listed at these slots are very high indeed; these slots often have Wild Multiplier symbols, which can add a lot of value to a winning combination. When it comes to playing at high variance slots, you’ll find that there are very few winning combinations with lower value prizes; most of the slots of this type won’t offer winning combinations that often, but when you do get a winning combination, it will likely be of quite a high amount. High variance slots are therefore best for players who like taking big risks and don’t mind playing for a while without winning, in the hopes of eventually winning big.

So if you don’t want to take big risks and are happy winning smaller amounts of money, go for low variance slots. If you’re happy to take some risk, go for medium variance slots. If you want to take risks to potentially win a big cash prize, high variance slots are the ones for you.

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