Understanding Slot Multipliers

By raising payouts and augmenting excitement, slot multipliers are a fairly common way for casinos to attract players to sign up and participate in their games.As their name suggests, slot multipliers literally multiply a player’s winnings. It is a specific symbol which can appear during a game of slots regardless of whether the slots game is being played online on a casino site or in a bricks and mortar casino on the high street.In its most basic form, a slots multiplier is an additional symbol that can appear on the payline. For instance, if three cherry symbols appeared on a five reel game of slots, which would payout £500, irrespective of what the other two symbols on the reel were, but if one of those two other symbols was a multiplier symbol, the player would win £1000, double the amount the three cherry symbols alone would net them.

Multipliers can even be multiplied

In the majority of slots games, multipliers are pretty easy to follow and understand, getting one multiplier will double a player’s winnings, getting another multiplier will triple their winnings and having a third multiplier will quadruple the amount a player is paid out.

Wild slots cards

Slots wild cards can also be accompanied with slots multipliers in a game of slots. For example, if apple symbols were also wild cards, the player would be able to substitute the wild cards for other symbols in order to win more lucrative sums of money.It is also fairly common in games of slots for wild cards to be slots multipliers, whereby they multiply progressively. It is also pretty common that scatter symbols are multipliers as well. However scatter symbols don’t tend to be progressive. It is also important to note that it is not uncommon for one solitary scatter symbol to occur on a games of slots at one time. 

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