Loyalty Schemes

Online gambling is on the rise and all online casinos appreciate that to stay in business, they have to put a lot of effort into attracting customers because competition is so fierce. Many online casinos offer things such as promotions and bonuses, but a lot of them also offer loyalty schemes, which are designed to encourage customers to become regular players as the more they play, the more rewards they’ll receive.

About Loyalty Schemes

Once you’ve made your first cash deposit at an online casino, you’ll then be able to take advantage of the loyalty scheme. There are two main types: most are open to all paying players, whereas others are invite only.Loyalty programs usually have a number of levels and each level offers more prizes, benefits and rewards than the one before it. As you play at the online casino, you rack up points; usually for every £1 you spend, you’ll get 1 loyalty point in return. The more you spend at the casino, the more loyalty points you’ll earn and the more you’ll be rewarded. Some games contribute more to loyalty points than others: slots, for example, typically give you a better rate than card games and table games. A typical loyalty scheme has five or so levels and some even have a special VIP club that’s invitation only, with invitations sent only to players who have reached the highest level. So if you want to earn loyalty points quickly, see what games offer the best rate at the casino you’re playing at.

Minimum Wagering Requirements

Many casinos have minimum wagering requirements. This means that you need to earn a certain number of loyalty points before they can be redeemed. This is meant to encourage players to spend more money on the casino’s games. Sometimes loyalty points may expire if they don’t get redeemed a few months or so after you’ve earned them. Make sure to check your casino’s terms and conditions so you know exactly how the casino’s loyalty scheme works.

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