High Roller Casinos

For most online casino fans, playing their favourite games is something of a hobby, tied up with a careful eye on never spending more than one can afford to lose.This careful, sensible was of playing is advisable to almost everybody in the world, and most players fit firmly into this category.However, there are some other players out there, the mythological beings known as the high rollers. These are people to whom money is almost no object whatsoever, and their casino playing habits reflect this phenomenon.If you are one of those high rollers, you will have come to expect VIP treatment from all your favourite online casinos at this point, but if you’re new to this select bracket of players, then you’ll want to know the right places to look.Having a large amount of money in your casino account will tend to, understandably, get you a little more attention than most, and you may find doors opening up for you.

What is a High Roller Casino?

High roller casinos are a select breed of sites that seek solely to gain the attention of VIP players and give them extra treatment.These sites will often allow players who spend less liberally to sign up and play games, but there will be many options that are not available to those who do not spend above a certain threshold.High rollers at these casinos can usually enjoy their own casino host and/or account manager, who will be there 24/7 to offer help and assistance whenever it is required.You will also find a host of bonuses will open up to you, VIP bonuses for those who bet big, offering a higher class of promotion and bonus that regular players would be used to.On top of that, anything you win from these bonuses or any other gameplay will usually be able to be withdrawn much faster thanks to VIP cash out requests that allow for swifter payment.In case you don’t feel special enough yet, your high roller treats will tend to not exist purely in the cyberworld either, with the highest spenders at an online casino often being offered the chance to go to luxury destinations and huge, lavish parties, with all expenses covered by the casino.If holidays, parties, excursions to Grand Prix events, and more tickles your fancy, and your spending big at a casino that doesn’t offer such treats, then it’s time for a new place to play, and there’s a few worthy of your consideration.


Betway is a popular casino amongst players who favour a wide variety of spending habits, but they do love a high roller.With payout percentage of over 97%, this is known as one of the most generous sites around, and that goes five-fold for the high rollers, with a welcome bonus that offers up to £1,500 (at the time of writing).


Another of the most popular sites around, LeoVegas also carries a clear torch for high rollers, who are brought together at several decadent events every year.Allowing for players to play for very high stakes, the appreciation that LeoVegas has for VIPs is very much reciprocated by the players themselves.


Here’s a pointer for those looking for high roller casinos, aim for those with a black and gold colour scheme.EuroGrand is one of many high roller friendly casinos that offer this colour scheme, and high bonuses and stake maximums make it popular with affluent players.If you’re new to the world of being a high roller, take your time and do your research, because there’s some real treats out there to be found. 

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