Being Responsible When Playing At A Casino

Online casinos do a lot to make sure that players are responsible so they don’t end up becoming addicted or spending more money than what they can afford to spend. The online gambling industry cares for those who play at online casinos and wants all players to enjoy online gambling, so long as it doesn’t become problematic for them in any way. When online gambling does become problematic, there are numerous ways in which online casinos can help.

Responsible Gambling Pages

Most online casinos have a page on responsible gaming and on this page you will find links to support groups such as GamCare and Gamble Aware. These support groups are there to support people who know they are suffering from a gambling addiction, or those who think they are starting to become addicted to gambling.

In order to prevent underage people from creating accounts and gambling illegally, online casinos will implement a number of checks to ensure that all players who sign up to the casino are legally allowed to gamble. If, for good reason, the casino suspects that a player is in fact underage, the casino will not allow that player to withdraw any of their money until they can prove they are legally allowed to gamble.

Online casinos have a number of services you can use if you feel you are addicted to online gambling, or you could be getting addicted to it.

Self – Exclusion

Self-exclusion is perhaps the most extreme option and is there to help people who want to stop online gambling altogether. This feature, once activated, stops you from visiting a particular online casino and gambling there. There are two types of self-exclusion: temporary self-exclusion and permanent self-exclusion. When you enact temporary self-exclusion, you will be blocked from the online casino for a set amount of time and only once this time period is over will you be able to visit the casino and gamble there again. Permanent self-exclusion blocks you indefinitely from an online casino. Though self-exclusion is good for getting you off a particular online casino, there’s nothing stopping you visiting another online casino.

To exclude yourself from all online casinos, using filter software is a viable option. This software simply prevents your computer from accessing online casinos, no matter who is using the computer.

Wager Restrictions

Wager restrictions can be put in place, with the result that you’ll be allowed to wager a limited amount of money during a certain time period, usually a week or a month. There are also restrictions you can set up so you don’t end up losing too much money: if you’ve lost the maximum amount of money you’re allowed to lose in a period of time, you won’t be allowed to wager any more money until the time period is over. There are also deposit limits, which limit the amount of money that you can deposit into your casino account. Finally, there are session limits, which restrict the amount of time you spend at an online casino.

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