YouTube Blocks Gambling Channels

YouTube rule changes have been in the news a fair bit over recent years, with the video sharing platform choosing to block channels based on certain topics and industries, with some being unblocked and others remaining off limits for YouTube users.In a move that has surprised many, the latest victim of a YouTube rule change is gambling channels.YouTube Blocks Gambling Channels

What happened?

Brian Cristopher, a YouTube channel owner who uploads versions of himself playing slot games and has attracted over 80,000 subscribers and 50 million views, was surprised to discover recently that his channel which houses over 1,000 videos, had been suspended under new regulations.Th e-mail from YouTube explained that Mr Cristopher’s channel, as well as many others, had been suspended due to continuous or severe violations of YouTube’s guidelines which state videos cannot show dangerous or high-risk acts that could harm individuals.With the government, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and many more clamping down on those seen to be promoting gambling in a way that could endanger vulnerable gamblers, it makes a certain degree of sense that channels that show and promote gambling content could be seen to contravene YouTube rules, and that this would be the time they’d take action.


Mr Cristopher, perhaps unsurprisingly, is not supportive of the decision, and has opposed it, explaining that his vlogs are his primary income source.He stated that he has always sought the approval of casinos and software developers before uploading videos, and that there was no swearing or explicit content, so he couldn’t see how he was doing any damage.As stated above, YouTube has been known to reverse these decisions, so those like Mr Cristopher, who make a full time living out of sharing gambling videos on YouTube, may be able to return, but with the industry as it is at the moment, that’s certainly not a guarantee.

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