Yggdrasil to Launch Brand New Table Games Collection

Yggdrasil is a software developer which has been making quite the impact in recent years. A young buck who was expected by many to flounder in the mid-level of iGaming, Yggdrasil has defied all expectations and has positively flown in recent years thanks to clever deals and top-quality games.Always looking to better itself to maintain, if not better the position it enjoys in the market, Yggdrasil has announced the newest addition to their portfolio, high-tech tale games.

REDUX Technology

The high-tech version of Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat will be released by Yggdrasil and utilise REDUX, a new technology from the software developer which creates a unique virtual gaming experience. This will be a combination of the best aspects of random number generator (RNG) and live dealer casinos, brought together to create a whole new gaming experience.The dealers, despite being computer generated, will interact with players, including hand gestures and facial expressions, to create something unlike anything that’s come before in terms of table and card games.

Breaking new ground

Speaking of the launch of the new set of table games, CPO of Yggdrasil, Krzysztof Opalka said:”The table games vertical has been fairly static in recent years. But our product’s combination of social interaction and high-end playability is unlike any other currently on the market. It won’t just be a single player trying to beat the house, but instead thousands of real players from all over the world, who are all able to join the game simultaneously with the aim of hitting big hands and bigger wins.”After releasing some of the most popular slots of the last few years, and making a real mark on the online gaming industry, we can assume that amazing things will come from these new Yggdrasil table games.

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