Are NetEnt To Release Jumanji Slot?

Normally, news of a new NetEnt slot comes from the popular Swedish developer themselves, and is met with great fanfare.However, sometimes, the provider likes to be sneaky about things, and they have told us all that there’s a huge new announcement coming this week.Obviously, this put the rumour mill into overdrive, and many outlets and industry insiders think they’ve worked out what the plan is, and if it’s true, which it probably is, it’ll be huge!

About the teaser

NetEnt’ released a YouTube teaser to state there was a big announcement coming, and there were enough hints and clues in there to make it clear to many that they are going to be releasing a slot based on Jumanji.The immensely popular Robin Williams movie of some twenty plus years ago has recently been rebooted, and the new movie is also receiving great responses from fans and critics alike, meaning that it would be a very sensible subject to base a slot on right now.

Old school or new school?

The new movie with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson may be a huge cultural event right now, but, to a lot of movie goers, the original will always be the best.That’s why it’s so exciting that the NetEnt trailer seems to take influence from a scene in the 1995 film as opposed to the new one.This could be a red herring, and either one of the two Jumanji movies could be the source material for a NetEnt slot game, it wouldn’t be unheard of for them to use both, to be fair.Either way, what we do know is this, a slot based around Jumanji has a lot of scope for incredible features and excellent design touches, and that’s what NetEnt are best at!

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