WMS Gaming launches a new Ancient Egyptian themed slot

Ancient Egyptian themed slots are all the rage in the online casino gaming world. Funnily enough, WMS Gaming have never felt the need to tackle them before. That is about to change though, with the launch of the new Lady of Egypt slot machine game.Alright, to be fair, Cleopatra lived during the Classical, Greco-Romano Egyptian period, and was centuries outside of the Ancient Egypt period, but the imagery of the game remains largely the same. It is a mistake most casino software developers make, so we shouldn’t be too harsh on them for that. How does the slot itself compare though?

About the slot

Lady of Egypt is played over a massive 10-reel structure. Players will find 3 rows of symbols per reel, and there are 9 paylines crossing those reels. There is also a progressive jackpot which can be won too, and all for wagers which cost no more than 0.35 per spin.The new WMS Gaming developed slot machine can see players able to play the game on their mobiles or laptops, and it features all your favourite Ancient Egyptian gods (if you have any), such as Anubis, and Bastet.

Slot features

As for the features, Lady of Egypt is set to contain both Speed Spins Active Reels, and Expanded Pay features. Whilst the true nature of those features is being kept close to WMS Gaming’s chest whilst the slot goes through its initial launch phase, the chances are that they are wholly new to the casino world. WMS Gaming likes to create new game engines for the majority of their slot releases, so don’t be surprised if you end up with something rather magical there.lady-of-egypt1A free spins feature has also been included in the slot, and it can offer players the chance to play with 30 free spins, with wild reels present, and multipliers added to boost your winnings. The new slot should launch this week at casinos across the net.

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