The Betting and Gaming Council Warns Government on £2 Cap on Online Casino Bets

A recent article in the Times newspaper reported the government’s White Paper due for release anytime could include restrictions to maximum bets placed on games at online casinos, between £2 to £5. Included in the Times article was a reference to the ban of free bets and VIP schemes for customers who rack up heavy losses and additional affordability checks. Online operators may also have to remove any feature that ‘increases the level of risk’ but so far this has not been made clear.Further proposed legislation would grant the UKGC extra powers and see operators pay a mandatory levy to help toward treatment for gambling-related harm, whereas it stands the levy is voluntary.Early reports of a blanket ban on shirt sponsorship in Premier League Football, looks set to be rejected in favour of a voluntary agreement with Premier League Football clubs.

Welcome Changes

The Betting and Gaming Council welcomes changes to the current Gambling Act 2005 and supports many of the proposed changes in the White Paper and have actively campaigned for these changes for many years.Once the White Paper is released the BGC will consider the changes and act accordingly. They said, “The latest statistics showed the rate of problem gambling in the year to March 2022 was 0.2% – down from 0.4% the previous year. However, the number of punters using unsafe, unregulated black market has doubled in recent years to 460,000 and the amount being bet is now in the billions.The White Paper will have to balance the need to protect the vulnerable and those at risk, whilst not driving the millions of people who enjoy a bet perfectly safely to the black market.“The government can and should act without delay, and it should seek to use the powers it has in the current Gambling Act to avoid a lengthy and needless legislative process in Parliament.”

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