Paddy Power’s Latest Marketing Stunts Takes Aim at UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Venues

Paddy Power is often in the news regarding its marketing campaigns or TV advertisements, often in hot water with advertising bodies for its close-to-the-bone satire.

Pointing out the Obvious

Well, Paddy Power is at it again, this time poking the finger at the choice of venues for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 matches. In the match between Belgium and Iceland that took place at Manchester City’s Academy Stadium, Paddy Power launched a huge finger-pointing balloon toward the Eithad Stadium 600 meters away.The Academy has the capacity for only 5,000 standing fans, a spokesperson at Paddy Power said, “The women’s game had progressed massively in recent years, and this tournament was a great opportunity for teams to play in front of record crowds all over the country and accelerate growth.”The finger-pointing balloon had a poignant message attached saying, ‘Anyone seen a stadium big enough for a Euros game” pointing toward the Etihad Stadium, pointing out the Academy stadium was underwhelming for fan capacity for the competition.

Lack of Respect for Women’s Football

In a poll conducted by Paddy Power, 67% of the recipients thought the choice of venue a ‘shame or showing a lack of respect’. 66% stated limited stadiums would play a detrimental part in the progress of Women’s football.In stark contrast, the opening match held at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium saw a record attendance of 68,781.Paddy Power said, “The fear of empty seats shouldn’t put the footballing bosses off being more ambitious in their stadium choices – we’re all used to half-empty Etihad most weeks anyway.”The UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, continues until the 31st of July 2022.

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