Paddy Power Appoint Rhodri Giggs As New Rewards Club Ambassador In Hilarious TV Ad

Paddy Power are no strangers to TV ad campaigns, the latest will not disappoint, introducing Rhodri Giggs, brother to Manchester United Legend Ryan Giggs.


If you don’t know the back-story regarding the brothers, Ryan Giggs was publicly reported to be having an affair with his younger brother Rhodri’s wife! Rhodri and his wife split in 2013 with Ryan and his wife splitting in 2017. It was said the brothers have been on good terms since 2015, hopefully Ryan will see the lighter side of the Paddy Power Loyalty Rewards Ad, taking the mick out of his brother’s alleged adultery.


The journey starts with Rhodri saying he has always lived a ‘Loyal Life’, he enters the Prince Of Wales pub where he is asked ‘Bitter’, he replies,“Not anymore Pam, Champagne please”, on the back wall the poster has an image of a cockerel with the words ‘Wandering Cock’!The punters are watching the Welsh football team playing, who are managed by Ryan, when the commentator says, “ Questions will be asked of the manager”, Rhodri gives a cheeky grin.Back at home Rhodri is seen drinking tea from a City mug. There’s lot’s of quips and suggestion as to the betrayal of Rhodri by Ryan, which is hilarious. Finally, Rhodri drives off from his home saying, “ The problem is, loyalty gets you nowhere. Live for rewards instead, and that’s why I’m Paddy Power’s Rewards Club Ambassador.”It’s a bold move by Paddy Power and hopefully the Welsh Manager will take the ad in good spirit. Finally Rhodri has got his own back on cheating Ryan! 

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