Bet365 To Sue Betio Over Theft Of Identity

Stoke-based UK betting giants Bet365 are to take legal action against a Bulgarian-based white label operator for Intellectual Property Theft.Attendees at ICE London 2019, which was held last week, had made several comments as to the striking similarities between Bet365 and the Betio product and branding. Looking at the logo and layout of Betios website there are visual similarities with both brands.Bet365 To Sue Betio Over Theft Of IdentityA spokesperson for Bet365 said, “ We decided to initiate appropriate legal actions to protect our intellectual property rights, which in our opinion were violated in this case”.Bet365, one of the biggest UK sportsbook and casino operators have spent years building their brand saying, “we are not about to let some new kid on the block ‘Piggy Back’ on it’s sterling reputation.”Bet365 have been operating legally in Bulgaria since 2016, the fact that the company are pleading ignorance as to knowing who bet365 are is unrealistic.

Trademark Ruling

Bet365 have worked hard over the years to build their brand and reputation in the UK, Europe and beyond. Having recently won a high profile trademark case. Bet365 have been fighting to protect its brand name within Europe for the past ten years, Bet365 received a ruling in 2017. The company felt they warranted a trademark on their name to protect the Bet365 brand.With the protection of the trademark ruling, we feel Bet365 are in a strong position and have a strong case against Betio.

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