Kindred Loses Battle over Appeal and Leaves Norway

The Borgarting Court of Appeal in Norway has upheld the decision made by the country’s gambling regulator, stating that Kindred Group was rightly instructed to halt broadcasting its unlicensed gambling services. This ruling comes as a significant development in the ongoing dispute between the Kindred Group and the Norwegian authorities concerning the status of its operations in the country’s grey market.

Appeal Dismissed

The court sided with the state on all counts and dismissed Kindred’s appeal. The company, which has been operating in Norway via its subsidiary, Trannel, was also directed to cover the legal expenses incurred by the Minister of Culture and Equality in the case.Alte Hamar, Director of the Lotteries and Foundations Authority in Norway, expressed satisfaction with the court’s judgement, emphasizing that it sends a clear message to international gaming corporations about the necessity of complying with Norwegian law and discontinuing the provision of unlicensed gambling services to its consumers.

Correct Decision

After the ruling, Hamar said “The fact that Trannel is not supported on a single point shows that the work we do to get illegal companies out of the Norwegian market is solid and well-established. The verdict confirms that the Lotteries and Foundations Authority’s decision to stop the illegal gambling offer was correct. Now we expect the company to withdraw completely from the Norwegian market.”Anette Trettebergstuen, the Minister of Culture and Equality, also lauded the decision, stating that it reaffirms that Norway’s exclusive rights model aligns with EEA law. She continued, “The result is not exactly surprising, as this lawsuit joins the series of several other lawsuits in the gambling field where the state has been fully supported each time.”

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