National Lottery Sales Soar to Second Highest in its History as Annual Sales hit £8.19 BN

In a remarkable financial year (April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023), Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, a subsidiary of Allwyn, reported record-breaking National Lottery sales totalling £8,190.3 million, an impressive increase of £99.6 million from the previous year. This is hailed as the second-highest annual sales volume since the National Lottery’s inception.This robust sales performance contributed to an all-time high of £1,807.0 million in returns to Good Causes from ticket sales alone, a rise of £6.2 million from the previous year.Simultaneously, players were awarded a staggering £4,694.0 million in prizes, a rise of £81.7 million, marking the second-largest sum ever awarded. Notably, the National Lottery minted 382 new millionaires, translating to over one new millionaire a day. Among these lucky winners were three individuals who bagged colossal EuroMillions jackpots, placing them among the largest-ever winners in the UK.

Unclaimed Prizes Dropped

The period also saw unclaimed prizes, which after 180 days are donated to Good Causes, decrease by £40.7 million from the previous year due to a larger number of winners coming forward, propelled by the shift towards digital play. This resulted in a total of £1,877.3 million or an average of £36 million per week being generated for Good Causes. Since 1994, the total raised for National Lottery projects now surpasses £47 billion.Society reaped further benefits, with £3.1 billion generated from Good Causes, Lottery Duty – nearly £1 billion in 2022/23 – and retailer commission. Despite the mounting inflationary pressures facing UK consumers, these strong results underscore the National Lottery’s ongoing commitment to supporting individuals, projects, and communities across the UK.

400 Millionaires Created

Camelot’s Co-CEOs, Clare Swindell and Neil Brocklehurst expressed their delight at these impressive results. They applauded the growth in National Lottery sales and the creation of almost 400 millionaires. Furthermore, they expressed optimism for the year ahead, emphasizing their commitment to operating the National Lottery responsibly while supporting Allwyn UK’s transition plans for the fourth licence, effective from February 1, 2024.Robert Chvátal, CEO of Allwyn AG, commended the past year’s performance, highlighting the National Lottery’s consistent support for Good Causes, despite the pressure on consumer spending. He also expressed his enthusiasm for having Camelot join the Allwyn group and their collective vision for the fourth licence, emphasizing the importance of safe play.

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