Gala Coral goes for gold with major media campaign

Gala Coral is set to massively boost player interest in their new gaming app Coral Vegas with a multi-layered media campaign.  The campaign has been created by Cravens, an advertising agency based in Newcastle, and is to include promotion of Coral Vegas across several different channels over the course of a three month period.  Cravens have worked in collaboration with Moving Picture Company to create the campaign, and it looks set to have a huge impact for Gala Coral.


The promotional package has been named ‘Electrifying’, and will feature the stylings of Gala Coral’s Electric Tiger.  The lively animated character has been created by the Moving Picture Company, who produced the character of Shere Khan for The Jungle Book.  This is a clear indication of the quality that we can expect from the new campaign.

New App

The first advertisement for Coral Vegas was show yesterday evening, 12th September, after the conclusion of the Sunderland versus Everton match on Sky Sports 1.  Gala Coral has said that the promotion of the new app will span several different broadcasters and cinemas.  Advertisements featuring the Electric Tiger will also appear online, so online casino fans everywhere will be aware of the product._coral_vegas_app

Aiming to Stand Out

Gala Coral is aiming to make their new product stand out against all other offerings in the market, it is expected that this latest round of promotions is going to be different from campaigns by other iGaming providers.  The organisation is also keen to utilise this campaign to engage with potential customers and current players, and to make a connection that will inspire long-term customer loyalty.

Primary Product

Paul Corson is Head of Advertising at Gala Coral, and he has described the TV advert as ‘stylish’, and says that it ‘illustrates the app’s slick design and performance’.  The app will be their ‘primary casino product’, so it’s safe to say that it will have a major impact on players’ experiences.

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