End of the road for Odobo

Up until last month, Odobo had been one of the most promising new online casino software developers. Unfortunately, and with much sadness – we regret to inform you that Odobo has reached the end of the road.

Online Gaming Closed

Odobo have closed down their online gaming operations as of this week, which means that all of their online slots are now set for the trash can. That is unless another developers decides to purchase the rights to their games.

Comes to an End

Despite only launching in 2011, Odobo had been rapidly gaining popularity with its online slot releases. The Odobo platform allowed several small scale developers to produce and publish slot machine games on their open platform, but that is all due to come to an end.

Not Consulted

Odobo made the decision to shut up shop at the end of May, but it wasn’t until recently that they finally closed down their operations. Clients and partners who were in business with or supported them were not consulted in the decision, withClient which Odobo has apologised.odobo-closing

Games to be terminated

Several slots on the Odobo platform may yet find a new leash of life. Genesis Gaming, and Rabcat are amongst some of the developers which provide software on Odobo, although their most successful games will certainly be picked up by other software carriers. Odobo games such as Extinction, and Gourmet Ranch Riches are almost certainly due to be terminated though.

Move Already Implemented

The move is thought to have already been implemented at all online casinos. Any casinos offering Odobo developed games or those games running on Odobo’s platform are likely to have taken such titles down, so any lovers of those slots will notice their absence rather quickly. As soon as more news of the fate of the other slots running on Odobo’s platform is revealed, we’ll report it straight to you.

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