Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Parodied In Red Tigers Rocket Men

Red Tiger Gaming may be due an award for the bravest decision made by an online casino software developer this year, after the release of their newest slot, Rocket Men, a satirical game which takes a hefty comedy swipe at President of the USA, Donald Trump, and leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.This is, as you are all probably aware not the first time the two leaders have been mocked, but it is the first time the subject of a possible forthcoming nuclear Armageddon has been used as a theme for a slot, because at the end of the day, if we can’t laugh, what do we have left?

About the slot

A five-reel, 20 payline slot with a cartoony feel and a slapstick comedy tone to it, symbols include burgers filled with explosives, the posteriors of dancers with Trump tattoos, and more pleasingly silly images.The graphics and animations are good fun, with the two leaders featuring heavily, and very rarely in a good light.The game pokes fun relentlessly at the ridiculousness of the world we live in, and it does it very well.


Not just a political satire, this slot also has a fair few ways to win, with five different bonus features to trigger.Don’s Driving Range sees Trump hit golf balls to remove symbols which are replaces by others, while Kim does the same with rockets in Kim’s Little Game, Boom Time and Party Time see Kim Jong Un fire rockets, and Donald Trump slap behinds respectively, both leading to cash prizes, while the Nuclear Spins feature offers unlimited free spins, with the two leaders firing rockets at each other that act as wilds, the round ends when one of the leaders is beaten.A ridiculous slot, but one with a genuine point, Rocket Men is good fun, and can bring some nice wins.

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