Are Online Casino Bonuses Outdated

Online Casinos have always offered incentives to new players to welcome them in joining their casino, players in the past have been attracted to the huge bonuses and free spins on offer. Often these promotions can be misleading, the same as free spins, both often have huge wagering requirements attached, somewhat unbeknown to new players, making the once attractive welcome deal, not so attractive.

Strict Ruling

With the introduction in 2018 of strict regulatory rules enforced by UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and other regulatory bodies, due to the increase in problem gambling, offering such bonuses that were often misleading have to now be ‘re-thought’ by operators.The UKGC states, “ It is a condition of your UK Gambling Commission License that your marketing communications, including those for free bet and bonus promotion, do not mislead”Moving forward, online casinos are looking at more realistic incentives for new players, with no misleading promotions and huge requirements.Are Online Casino Bonuses Outdated

What Next?

The Industry is now moving away from unrealistic, four figure bonuses and moving more towards three figure deals, these seem to prove more popular with players. Following the trend of Scandinavian Supplier NetEnt, their casinos have offered smaller bonuses that have worked, others are now following suit.Online casinos will always find ways of attracting players, moving forward, looking at introducing more incentives for VIP’s, increasing spending levels, expanding games selections, through set player exclusives.Another alternative is Jackpots and tournaments. Both provide entertainment within the iGaming world. Time-limited jackpots like progressives are appealing to players, wanting to get involved to potentially win the huge jackpots these games provide. Also tournaments provide initiatives for players to potentially win large sums of money, prizes and cash.Traditional bonuses are becoming a thing of the past, casinos have used this precious tool for years to attract players, giving it up will not be easy, finding new marketing strategies, which are both lucrative and effective to the player and casino alike.

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