Progressive Slots

If you’re an online casino player, the chances are you’ve heard of progressive slots. If you’re a novice casino player, the chances are you’ve heard of progressive slots, but are unsure of the different versions of the game. Either way, this guide explains what progressive slots are, the varieties of the game and what your chances are of winning.

The popularity of progressive slots

The primary reason why progressive slots are such popular games at casinos, is due to the fact the jackpots are larger and more lucrative than average jackpots. At times, progressive slots jackpots are so large, they could potentially change a player’s life. It is therefore every player’s dream to win the jackpot when playing progressive slots.That said, the chances of ‘hitting the big time’ aren’t that high when playing progressive slots. In fact you’ve got more chance of being struck by a bolt of lightning – unfortunately!However, the game is fun and there are a number of ways in which you can win.

The different types of progressive slots

There are a total of three different varieties of progressive slots available to play:.                 In house or proprietary.                 Stand-alone.                 Wide area

In house

In house games comprise of several machines hooked up to one system. The same casino normally owns them. However, some may be linked to different casinos, if they are, they often offer larger jackpots.


Stand-alone progressive slots are played on the same machine. Online, it can be sometimes played on one network or site. The higher the number of people involved in the game, the bigger the jackpot becomes, until there is finally one lucky winner.A meter in front of the machine states how much the jackpot is. While stand alone progressive slots is fun to play, you should be aware, out of the three progressive slots games, stand-alone offers the smallest payouts.

Wide area

Out of the three progressive slots games, it is wide area that has the potential to change its winners’ lives. The only small hiccup is, you have to win! Wide area jackpots rarely hit but when they do, a millionaire is there for the taking. Wide area is associated with a number of casinos, which are operated independently. When the jackpot is finally won, the casinos linked to the game get a proportion of the jackpot’s winnings.While wide area does give players the chance to become millionaires overnight, it is important to remember that your chances of a win are very slim. It is the stand alone games of progressive slots that provides players with the greatest chances of winning. The amounts you could win might be smaller, but they are considerably more frequent, meaning you have more chance of becoming a progressive slots winner.Progressive slots are popular types of slot games. If you are looking to have fun online and have the potential to win fairly lucrative sums of money, then progressive slots could be the games for you.  

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