What Is Self Exclusion

Are you spending time and money you simply cannot afford on a casino site, in a high street arcade, or in a betting shop? If you feel your betting habits are getting a little out of control, you may want to find out more about a scheme known in the betting world as ‘self-exclusion’.

What does self-exclusion involve?

Self-exclusion essentially involves a player asking the organisation they are placing bets and spending money with to prevent them from gambling for a given period of time. Typically, this period is around six months in duration. The scheme is predominantly used by players who believe their casino and betting habits are becoming out of control and they would like to curb the amount of time and money they are devoting to their penchant for betting.

How do you self-exclude from an online casino organisation?

With more and more people enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being able to place bets and play games from virtually anywhere in the world, it is not uncommon for betting habits to become a little too frivolous with online casino sites. Consequently, self-exclusion can be a vital asset in helping betting tendencies from spiralling out of control.You can ask to be involved in self-exclusion by contacting the operator of the casino site. Information about self-exclusion can often be found on the page titled ‘responsible gambling’ on the casino site.Players can go one step further and click on the ‘site blocker’ feature. As its name suggests, the ‘site blocker’ feature blocks players from having access to a site and being able to make deposits for games and bets. Though it is important to note that there may be a charge to use the site blocker function.

What is the self-exclusion feature doesn’t work?

It is not uncommon for the self-exclusion feature to not always function as it should and players can find themselves being able to access a site and its games despite asking for self-exclusion.If this does happen to you, let the site operator know by going through the customer complaints channel.In some cases, a player may even strive to be compensated by a casino or betting operator as they have failed to help the player stop placing bets when they asked for assistance.It is a responsibility of the Gambling Commission to ensure organisations operating within the industry, follow and take a player’s desire to stop gambling very seriously, including helping them with self-exclusion. If the Gambling Commission is of the belief that an organisation has not been doing what they can to comply with the self-exclusion system, the Commission will work with the organisation to ensure it improves such ‘Responsible Gambling’ features. In the severest of cases and usually as a last resort, the Gambling Commission will take the casino site’s or other betting venue’s licence away from them.Participating in online and other casinos should be fun and if your betting habits are no longer fun and you are spending too much time and money on such games, you may want to consider using the effective self-exclusion feature.

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