Blacklisted Casinos

Trust is of the utmost important in the online casino world. Whether you’re brand new to the scene or a seasoned veteran of many years, knowing that you and your money are going to be protected is vital.But how can you be sure? Regulations are far tighter than they were in the past, and the calls for transparency in the industry are louder than ever before, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk, and it’s still important to be careful.As much as the industry is a whole is substantially more trustworthy than it once was, there will always be a few bad eggs trying to spoil it for someone else, and knowing how to spot these sites can make all the difference.Of course, factors like licensing and reviews can help when it comes to knowing if a site can be trusted, but for those who have really let their players down, there’s another tool, blacklisting.For a casino to be blacklisted by us, there has to be provable instances of unethical practices, often on multiple occasions.Sadly, there are still sites that behave in a way that results in them being backlisted, but what does it?

Reasons for Blacklisting Sites

So, why do we blacklist sites? There are a few reasons this may happen, firstly, it could be to do with ignoring customer complaints.Several sites are known to have ignored multiple customer complaints when it comes to how their money is treated, withdrawal issues, fairness doubts, and others. Any site that does not take the complaints of its players seriously will instantly find itself blacklisted.There are multiple other reasons a site may be blacklisted, these include:Lack of payment – When you win money at an online casino, you expect to be able to withdraw that money when you want to. Failure to pay customers their money on request will immediately result in a place on the blacklist.Fairness – It is required for every casino game to make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) or similar tool that ensures a game is 100% fair, a site will be blacklisted if there are proven examples of games being offered that are not random.Advertising issues – This issue is two-fold, firstly a site may engage in false advertising, intentionally promising something that will not be delivered. Other sites may spam players endlessly after being asked not to. Both of these actions will result in blacklisting.Protection of vulnerable players – This is a big talking point in the iGaming world right now. Those who are displaying signs of addictive behaviour, or have chosen to self-exclude themselves from a site, must be protected. Failure to do this will result in a place on our blacklist and, in many cases, a hefty fine from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Can a Casino Come Off the Blacklist?

It isn’t easy, but it is possible. Everyone has the ability to change, and if an online casino has shown itself as willing and able to learn from its mistakes and make the necessary changes to ensure any issues are not repeated, they will be given time to prove themselves, and then ultimately taken off the blacklist if we feel they can now be trusted.There are an increasing number of resources to ensure that the casinos you play at are safe and trustworthy, and our blacklist is here to add to that list of resources and make sure that you can always be safe and comfortable when playing your favourite online casino games.

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