Camelot Send Flowers To Angry Britons

Following claims from angry punters who have said they will boycott the game, the UK’s National Lottery are desperate to cling on to their customers.Camelot Group, the group that operates the National Lottery, has apparently offered many of their British players flowers and dinners in an attempt to say thank you for playing Lotto.

Offering Gifts

The Express told its readers that bosses at the Camelot Group are offering gifts to many players, including discounted meals at Greene King pubs, a month’s magazine subscription or £5 off at Flowers Direct. Meanwhile, the Daily Star reported that Camelot sent emails out and shared leaflets titled ‘Claim your little treat from Lotto now’. These leaflets features a serial number that customers could enter into the appropriate site to receive discounts.

Reducing Chances Of Winning

In October, the UK’s National Lottery added ten balls to their 49 balls, thus reducing the chance of individuals winning. In fact, the stats went from one in 14 million to one in 45 million. Many gamblers responded by moving to Health Lottery and foreign lotteries where there are far higher chances of winning big money.

29 Rollovers In January

In January the National Lottery reached a whopping £66 million after 29 rollovers.Camelot have stated that the new set-up means jackpots will be larger than that of EuroMillions who had overshadowed the UK’s National Lottery for a long time. They also made it clear that sales of Lotto and the National Lottery tickets had actually increased since October, though these sales have not been made available to the public.Camelot Send Flowers To Angry Britons

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