Slot Terms Explained

Knowing what the words related to slots and all the common phrases means will stand you in much better stead for playing the game to its optimum. Many words and phrases are abbreviated so it is important that you know what the abbreviation stands for.Take a look at some of the most commonly used slots terms explained.Active Payline – Slot machines can have from 1 to 99 paylines, which refer to the symbols that are required to line up in order for a player to win a prize. Players can decide the number of paylines they want to make a bet on. Paylines are only activated if a player has a bet on it when they make a spin.3D Video Slots – These types of slots are usually produced by BetSoft and are full of animations and are extremely graphic heavy. The heavy graphics provide users with an enhanced playing experience, particularly if a winning payline is hit and the 3D graphics virtually protrude out of the screen.243 Ways to Win – This phrase describes a slots machine that doesn’t have any paylines. Alternatively with a 243 Ways to Win game of slots, symbols pay out from left to right, providing the symbols are somewhere on the reel in order. For example, to produce ‘3 of a kind’, a player would be required to generate a symbol on reels one, two and three. Voila is a popular types of a 243 Ways to Win game.Big Hit to Win – If you see this phrase appear on the screen, it means you have generated the right symbols and reels in order to win a jackpot or big win combination.Cashout – Refers to a player asking a casino to withdraw their money from their casino account into their bank accountClassic Slots – Is typically a slots machine which has three reels in total and 1 to 5 paylines without any additional bonus features.House Edge – Is the amount of money a slots machine makes a casino over the period of its life. This percentage is usually between two and five percent.Mobile Slots – These are essentially slots games that players can participate in from their mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.Paytable – Is the table which reveals all the potential winning symbol amalgamations across the reel and the amount that is available to win on every combination.RTP – This abbreviation stands for Return to Player Rate, which basically means the percentage of money a slots game or other casino game will give back to players during the whole of its lifetime.RGN – Refers to Random Number Generator, which means the random outcomes slots are based on, reiterating the fact that slots is a game of luck.Spin – A spin refers to the activity that occurs when a player hits the spin button, which generates the reels to turn until they finally stop.Video slots – Slot machines that usually comprise of five reels. They also usually comprise of animations which are created when a winning combination is found on a payline that is active.

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