Yggdrasil set to launch a new parent company

Yggdrasil has been one of the fastest, and wildest rides to the top of the online casino gaming world of all. Since they began producing online casino games just a few short years ago, they have meteorically risen towards the top of the casino software gaming ladder. Now Yggdrasil is set to create a parent company, allowing it to expand even further.

Parent Company

Many top companies create parent companies. They do this in a bid to allow them to push into new areas of their respective markets, without affecting their presence in already existing sectors. Yggdrasil is now set to follow suit. The Swedish online casino software provider is to launch a brand new company in Stockholm which will encompass Yggdrasil and future companies they develop or snap up.

Not Clear Yet

Whilst it is not yet clear just what Yggdrasil has up their sleeve, it is thought by many that they could be launching a new style of games, and that they may do so under another banner. Yggdrasil’s expansion has occurred so fast, that one certainly couldn’t rule this out.

Branching Out?

Yggdrasil only really invests in the online slot market, so it could just be that the developers may be looking at branching out into other markets – such as sports betting, table games, or even live dealer software. Any new experiments would be a risk, and by creating a parent company, Yggdrasil would be protected their hard earned reputation as top slot developers

Wait and See

We must stress that we don’t really know anything yet, so whatever Yggdrasil has got up its sleeve, we’re not likely to see it for some time. Once can only guess, but the fact that they are considering expanding is certainly good news for lovers of Yggdrasil games, and especially their online slot titles, since future expansion wouldn’t threaten those games..

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