We Say Good Bye To “The Boss” of bgo Casino Verne Troyer

Sadly, on Saturday 21st April 2018, the news broke that popular actor Verne Troyer had passed away. In a statement on his Facebook page it read, ” It is with great sadness and incredible heavy hearts to write that Verne has passed away today. Verne was an extremely caring Individual. He wanted to make everyone smile, be happy and laugh”.


Verne was most popularly known for playing ‘Mini-me’ in the Austin Powers Movie alongside Mike Myers. He also was the face of bgo Casino and Bingo, lovingly called ‘The Boss’. Verne was reportedly one of the shortest men in the world he was 2 Feet, 8 Inches tall.Earlier this Month, Verne was admitted to hospital but it was unknown at the time what the issue was, he has been linked to depression and alcohol problems in the past.We Say Good Bye To "The Boss" of bgo Casino Verne Troyer

Height Advantage

Verne often admitted to using his height to his advantage. He appeared in the movie ‘ Baby’s Day Out’ in 1994, where he playing a stunt double for a 9 month old baby. He also had a role in the first Harry Potter film where he played Griphook.He went on to appear on Opera Winfrey, Celebrity Big Brother and also made guest appearances on Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice. He will be greatly missed in the online casino world as well as the celebrity circuit.

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