Titanbet Welcome England Legend John Barnes As New Ambassador

Signed in 2015, but only recently announced, Titanbet have officially welcomed legendary England player and questionable rap talent, John Barnes to their team as a brand ambassador.Having been responsible for many fond memories for England and Liverpool fans, Barnes is guaranteed to be a favourite with Titanbet players.

Why do companies need brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors have consistently proved themselves to be one of the very best promotional tools available to brands, and this has appeared to be particularly true on the online casino market.When signing up to a new casino site, there is a certain amount of trust necessary, and when the site in question has a familiar face, in this case John Barnes, as part of their team, players immediately feel more comfortable and secure giving over personal details.Add to that the prestige (whether genuine or assumed) that a brand receives when players realise that one of their heroes has chosen to support them, and you start to see how brand ambassadors can be a huge benefit to Titanbet and others.Titanbet Welcome England Legend John Barnes As New Ambassador

Social media

There is, of course, a factor in recent times which means that brand ambassadors are even more important, and that is social media activity.One can safely assume that John Barnes has a huge number of followers on social media site, one can also assume that many of these followers, are not amongst the large amount of people that follow Titanbet. If Barnes tweets about his involvement with the brand, it attracts his followers over to them, and Titanbet could swiftly see a huge spike in its social media activity.By announcing their partnership with John Barnes, Titanbet have found themselves in a win/win situation in terms of enticing new players in.Titanbet Welcome England Legend John Barnes As New Ambassador

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