The Phantoms Curse Breaks The Curse Of The Phantom

The Phantom of the Opera was the bane of the online casino world throughout 2017, with both NetEnt and Microgaming announcing slots based on the popular musical earlier this year, before NetEnt swiftly and quietly retracted their announcement, and the Microgaming slot took months more than expected to actually arrive.However, it seems that the curse has finally been lifted, with the Microgaming slot having been released to critical acclaim a little while back, and NetEnt announcing that their own offering, somewhat ironically called The Phantom’s Curse, will be released in late January 2018.The Phantom’s Curse Breaks The Curse Of The Phantom

About the slot

The cause for some of the confusion earlier this year was that Microgaming have the rights to the 2004 Phantom of the Opera film, but NetEnt has the rights to the Universal Monsters franchise.This has been cleared up though, and the first Universal Monsters game is now on its way, and based on the YouTube trailer NetEnt have released, it’s much the same as the slot they intended to release six months ago.However, set in an opera house, with a killer soundtrack (obviously) and truly stunning graphics and animations, The Phantom’s Curse looks set to do what Microgaming’s slot couldn’t do, light up the imaginations of players with one of the creepiest stories around.


We have a while to wait before we will know exactly what to expect from this slot, due to NetEnt’s love of being secretive in the run up to a release, but from the trailer, we know that you can expect sticky wild re-spins, a pick and click game, and a free spins feature, the latter of which is offers unlimited spins until the Phantom breaks all the ropes from the chandelier, which he does while adding extra wilds.It looks like this is going to be another amazing NetEnt slot, and we can’t wait for its release!

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