The Limits Are Good Safer Gambling Campaign Is Launched By BGC

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) have launched a festive campaign to promote safer gambling over the Christmas period. Aimed at men between 18-34, the campaign is designed to make people think about their spending habits and time spent gambling.

Limits are Good Campaign

The ‘Limits are Good’ campaign features short digital films, each film, although humorous is also thought provoking, where setting limits in every day life situations is a good thing. The short films can be viewed now on YouTube, plus operator channels along with retail outlets.Operators have launched new limit-setting tools or redesigned tools over the last few months after fierce criticism from UK regulators. Throughout the campaign period the tools will be promoted and the data collected will be analysed to determine whether the campaign has been a success.Online casinos and casino mobile apps will be tracked for players visiting deposit-limiting pages.Chairman of the BGC Brigid Simmonds said,“ Over the festive period with so many sporting events, if people wish to have a bet it’s important not to lose track of how long you spend or the amount you have staked. “ Tools are available online and in betting shops and casinos to help you set your time and spend limits and we encourage everyone to use these.”

Younger People Are Gambling More

Research found the majority of gamblers managed to control their spending and time gambling, but these tools are available to empower customers in to a safer way to gamble to prevent the risk of losing control.The University of Bristol was commissioned by GambleAware to carry out a study on young people’s gambling habits. They found in the UK, younger people were now gambling in some form by the age of 20, with a high percentage of 17 year olds already engaging in forms of gambling.

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