Take a ride in the Worlds Smallest Travelling Casino!

If you don’t know already, Grosvenor Casino likes to do things a little bit differently. Breaking away from tradition, Grosvenor Casino has now launched the World’s Smallest Casino. Now, we know what you’re thinking, you’ve probably heard that claim before, but this time around there really is substance behind it. Implemented into the back of a London taxi, the cab features both online and live casino options that allow players to gamble to cover the fare of the journey.The launch of the World’s Smallest Travelling Casino has come about through Grosvenor Casino’s innovative “Play Your Way” campaign. Running through the Twitter hashtag #playyourway, the promotion has been created as a way to celebrate the summer of sport that is currently unfolding.

London Taxi

Should you be lucky enough to step into the World’s Smallest Travelling Casino, then you’ll find that it is a fully working London taxi. After taking your seat you’ll be given the choice of being driven to your local Grosvenor Casino for free, or driven to another destination for an optional donation to the Carers Trust. Anyone who fancies taking a ride in this one-of-a-kind cab simply needs to request a pick up by sending a tweet to @grosvenorcasino with the #playyourway hashtag. Simply say where you are, where you would like to go, and await confirmation.gros1

Latest Sports And Mini Bar

When inside World’s Smallest Travelling Casino what you are likely to find is a tablet that links you to a whole of host of different gambling options, meaning that your next taxi journey could prove to your most profitable ever. If that wasn’t enough, the taxi also features TV screens that are showing the latest sport, while you’ll also find that there is a mini-bar installed too.It’s fun and it’s fancy, so the World’s Smallest Travelling Casino is well worth keeping an eye out for if you are in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow over the coming weeks.Take a ride in the World’s Smallest Travelling Casino!

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