SkillOnNet develops self- excluder tool

SkillOnNet’s development of the tool will help affiliates who work with SkillOnNet brands to easily identifier players who have self-excluded.The Self-Excluder Identifier API will ensure that these players are not sent and marketing campaigns. The tool is simple and quick to use, the details of email addresses and mobile numbers are just uploaded to the identifier, which will then compare them with details held on the database.The list is updated automatically, so if a player self-excludes and then changes their minds, this will show up right away.setool

Making it easier

This will be a great help to affiliates, who can check before sending out any promotions, therefore stopping anyone who has already opted out from receiving them.It will also help against any action being taken by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) who are clamping down on this.Michael Golembo, from SkillOnNet, said: “At SkillOnNet, we take compliance very seriously, so we took the decision to develop a tool that ensures the affiliates working with our brands are meeting the highest possible standards”“The Self-Excluder Identifier means that affiliates can be certain they are not targeting players that have opted-out of playing at online casinos either temporarily or permanently”“The UK Gambling Commission has made it very clear that it will not tolerate affiliates targeting self-excluded players, and our new tool is the most efficient and effective way of ensuring this does not happen with any of our brands.”

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