Secret Slots player nets £200K

A man has won well over £200,000 while playing at Secret Slots. The lucky winner had chosen to play a WMS Slot machine, and it turned out to be most fortunate for him that he did! Like many slots players, our winner thought that a big win was usually something that other people got – he had just decided to enjoy the game and hoped to come away at least a few pounds up.

34 yr Old UK Winner

The 34 year old slots player from Buckinghamshire took just 3 days to net the huge win of £210,830.20, and couldn’t believe it when he arrived at the jackpot. The Secret Slots winner has chosen to remain anonymous, presumably in an effort to protect his impressive prize.He is still reeling over the shock at getting his hands on this life-changing amount of cash, as the big win has just happened. He started playing at the end of June, and continued until the beginning of July – and the result is that this gamer is going to have the best summer 2016 that he could possibly have imagined!Secret Slots player nets £200K

Kronos Slot Game

The game in question was the Kronos Slot, which has long been a popular choice at both online and land-based casinos. A Las Vegas staple, the Kronos Slot is a game that everyone wants to play, and the latest winner is very glad that he decided to go for it!He began by placing only small bets to start with, just enough to keep play going. Then, when the winning player began to acquire small amounts, he started to increase his bets. He was aided by the activation of bonuses on a few occasions, which helped to increase the size of the jackpot. Our winning friend is overjoyed at grabbing this massive prize, and says ‘I’ll be treating myself to a new car, and plan on taking a holiday with the family too. Thanks to Secret Slots!’Secret Slots player nets £200K

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