Secret Agreement To Delay FOBT Maximum Stake Reduction Until 2020

It has been reported that the implementation of the controversial reduction of the maximum stake of fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) may be delayed until April 2020 after the Times reported on claimed a secret agreement had been reached between Her Majesty’s Treasury and British bookmakers.


Many anti-gambling spokespeople and campaigners have expressed their disappointment at the news, saying that they delay would provide the opportunity for the gambling industry to generate another £4 billion from the current £100 maximum on FOBTs.The Government had seemed intent to make the change when the announcement was made that the stake would be reduced drastically, to just £2, with the intention being to protect vulnerable players and local communities from the harm that can be caused by FOBTs.At the time, the Department for Digital, Culture, and Media (DCMS) stated that the limit would be officially rolled out within a year.It seems, however, that bookmakers, who have been outspoken about the decision, saying it would cost many people their jobs, have managed to convince the government to delay the decision.Secret Agreement To Delay FOBT Maximum Stake Reduction Until 2020

Software update confusion

Many inside the DCMS are thought to be concerned about this latest development, especially as the Treasury were under the impression that the necessary software update to roll out the new maximum bet would take up to two years, while some machine manufacturers have revealed that the update would in fact take no longer than eight weeks to complete.This isn’t the first time the HM Treasury has been involved in controversy, after stating earlier in the year that imposing a reduced stake on FOBTs would result in a decline of financial reserves of public organisations.It appears that despite the Government’s decision, the high-profile FOBTs debate will be continuing for some time yet.

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