Royal Ascot To Clamp Down On Anti-Social Behaviour

The management of Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire is aiming to crackdown on violent incidents during the Royal Ascot racing festival after a series of unfortunate incidents over recent years.Brawls between racegoers hit the headlines in 2016 and 2017 and, to many, has tarnished the reputation of the famous race event.Royal Ascot To Clamp Down On Anti-Social Behaviour

What’s the plan?

The first way that Ascot are considering trying to lessen violent episodes is by breathalysing attendees to the race, with the right to refuse admission to those perceived to be too intoxicated to be trusted during the event.Royal Ascot will also discontinue the sale of ‘beer hawkers’ over concerns that the promotion of excessive drinking has not helped maintain a violence free tone to the event in the last couple of years.The event will also see police sniffer dogs in attendance for the first time, as well as drug amnesty boxes which have proved successful at numerous music festivals around the UK.

Pre-empting incidents

Speaking of the changes that have been made, Guy Henderson, the Chief Executive at Ascot Racecourse, said:“The use of illegal drugs and their contribution to anti-social behaviour is a significant issue for all major events,”“This year we will continue proactively to address these challenges with an increased specialist security team, supported by more visible stewarding around bar and other areas in order to pre-empt incidents arising from excess alcohol consumption or other anti-social behaviour.”Taking place between June 19th and June 23rd (2018) Royal Ascot is one of the biggest events of the racing calendar and attracts attendees from all over the UK as well as further afield.The reputation of the festival has struggled after newspaper stories focused on violent incidents over the last two years, so its no surprise that the management is looking to change things for 2018.

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