New Sky Watershed In Place

As of 2016, Sky Broadband will be adjusting its Sky Broadband Shield. From now on there will be a watershed mode in place for all customers who have signed up since November 2013. This means that gaming websites suitable for over 18s available only after 9pm. Prior to this time, only sites appropriate for people aged 13 and under will be accessible. Users will be able to modify these settings but must do so manually.

Parental Controls

Back in 2014, laws were introduced to the UK that required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to enforce parental controls on websites with sexual content. This included everything from porn to sex education.Now, Sky is updating its Shield to block all websites with adult content, including gambling sites with the middle ground being that the content isn’t always blocked, just until 9pm.This change is already enforced, so customers who wish to apply a watershed time to gambling sites can so now.New Sky Watershed In Place

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